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  • 2017 MAKER NEWS

    2017 MAKER NEWS

    For 2017, we have set two goals for ourselves: we want to work more directly with the people who produce our coffee, and deliver even more memorable coffee experiences to you. 


    We have already started this process, by going to Colombia in November last year. John's trip allowed us to strengthen the relationships we have with key people along the supply chain, as well as giving us the opportunity to shake some of the hands that nurture the soil that grows our coffee. We firmly believe these trips will give us the opportunity to find delicious coffees that are grown using sustainable farming practices, while giving us the opportunity to share with you the stories of the people and families who make it all happen.


    To improve the practical side of your morning ritual, we have upgraded our retail packaging to re-sealable bags, to keep your coffee fresh for longer. Our Seasonal Espressos have also just been refreshed with delicious fresh crop coffees to ensure they stay vibrant and rich in flavour - perfect for that morning latte or shorty! 


    We have been absorbing the extra costs this process has entailed, but alas, in order to push forward in this direction, we have to make some adjustments to our pricing. From this week, 250g of Our Seasonal Espressos will cost $15. To ease the pain, we're offering free shipping on all web orders over $40 – STARTING TODAY!


    Here's to another great year of delicious coffees!

    Happy Brewing!

    The MAKER Team