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    Well jump down to MAKER FINE COFFEE and see what all the fuss is about.


    From what was once a record press to then a crossfit gym, we are proud to say that we have transformed this amazing warehouse into a beautiful new exciting space for everyone to enjoy.


    Over the last four months we have been busy chipping away at designing and building an interactive coffee roastery and brew bar. We are now fully equipped to share and provide you with a unique coffee experience you wont forget.


    Here at MAKER we pride ourselves in executing high quality produce, specializing in roasting seasonal single origin coffee. Our brew bar is an extension of our love for coffee where you can sit, relax and indulge with one of our finest brews, maybe even a cheeky homemade sweet or a scrumptious toastie.


    At Maker we have a little something for everyone, whether you’re just up for a quick shorty to slam or for an in-depth discussion over a filter, or perhaps some merchandise to brew at home we have it covered.


    Besides roasting and making delicious coffee we are here to acknowledge and educate the community on the variety of processes and methods used in the coffee industry.

    This will be conveyed through greater detail in our cupping sessions, which will be a casual yet informative evening held by the professional Maker crew. It’s a great way not just to learn about all areas of coffee but also to be surrounded by people that love coffee just as much as you. These event will become available in the near future for all to participate!


    We are so excited to share our passion for coffee within this industry we love so much, as what was once was a dream is now reality. To stay up to date with events or what’s new here at Maker pop in or follow us on or instagram @makerfinecoffee


    We are located at 47 North Street, North Richmond

    Opening hours are Tuesday –Friday, 7am – 3pm

    Soon to be Saturdays!

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