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  • Maker at the Southern Regional Coffee (ASCA) Competitions

    With the commencement of the 2017 competition season of Australian Speciality Coffee of Australia (ASCA), John and Daniel from Maker Fine Coffee had the pleasure to compete at Maillard Atelier in Coburg North. 


    Last Sunday, roaster and co-owner John Vroom scored an outstanding 7 out of 8 for the Cup Tasters entry. Given a set time, competitors must distinguish and 'set aside' one rogue cup of three in a group. With eight different groups of three cups, John correctly delineate seven rogue cups. Having made adjustments to diet (i.e. chilli and pepper) to heighten sensitivity to subtle differences, John finished within the brief time of 3.23min. He's looking forward to taking part in Cup Tasters at the Nationals next year at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in April. 


    Earlier in the day, Daniel represented Maker for the Filter coffee compition in the Southern Regional Brewers Cup, using the Washed process Kenyan, Karindundu. Having spent weeks before hand experimenting with differing brew methods, Daniel had chosen the 2-cup Kalita 185 as his device and had a total of 10 minutes to brew three cups for each of three sensory judges. With a 1:18.75 ratio (20g of coffee to 375g of water at 96°C), Daniel brewers for a total time of 2:40. Having chosen this coffee for its balanced acidity and its juicy sweetness, he described the aroma of the Karindundu as beginning with brown sugar, followed by strawberries into cooked peach. On the first sip of the filter brew, the judges were greeted by fresh blackberry acidity, into a ripe pineapple with lingering brown sugar. He's now looking forward to preparing and competing for the National Brewers Cup in April 2017. 



    We are looking forward to having this competition coffee, the Kenyan Karindundu on the coffee offers one more time for this season next week. 


    If you'd like to see what's on offer for retail coffee, please check here (


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