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  • New Colombians!

    New Colombians!

    After our exciting cupping last Wednesday night, we are delighted to announce two new Colombian coffees from Cofinet through Carlos Arcila, one of our Colombian green bean partners. In the past Carlos helped us secure our now beloved fruity El Peñol from Antioquia, which is our present iteration of The Maven. These two Colombians are now available as espresso and filter for our wholesale accounts, to try at the Maker brew bar and to brew at home through our online shop or in our space on North St, Richmond.


    The first of our two new offerings is a Fully Washed Caturra produced by Ananias Silvestre and his family from Huila, Guadalupe, well known as an ideal region for delicate and bright acidic coffee. The coffee they have produced is originally a Brazilian varietal, it's a natural mutation of the Red Bourbon yet has a higher yield and is more disease resistant. Once picked, the Silvestre family expose the cherries to anaerobic fermentation in which the coffee is submerged in water for 24 hours, and then shadow-dried for 17 days, and is only shipped when it reaches a moisture content of 11%. 

    When we received this shipment, we considered how this method of processing affected our approach to roasting. We wanted to preserve the natural acidity and complexity of this coffee, and we have found that it has resulted in a vibrant, intense and clean cup.



    A photo from Carlos of the Silvestres' farm in Guadalupe, Huila.


    The second Colombian coffee from Carlos is the Las Lunas which translates as "The Moons", and comes from the Nariño region of West Colombia which is over 1600 meters above sea level. This area is generally known for producing coffee that has higher acidity, sweeter notes and a cleaner cup. The high mountains and the lower temperatures are accredited for this as the plants are able to retain their sugars. The family of Luciano Delgado has grown this Cattura in volcanic ash soil in which coffee thrives in growth and in characteristics. This coffee was fermented underwater for 30 hours and then dried for 15 days on concrete patios and as a fully-washed processed coffee, this only assists towards the clean and complex attributes in this coffee.

    At Maker Fine Coffee, we found this coffee to result in complex tropical fruits, with a balanced citrus acidity and sought to highlight these characteristics. As we roast the Las Lunas, we have found that this washed Colombian offers us a rich milk chocolate body which contrasts with its orange sweetness.


    A photo of Luciano Delgado amongst the plants on his farm, 'Las Lunas'; provided by Cofinet.