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MAVEN Seasonal Espresso Colombia Tenza Valley

The Maven is a washed-process coffee marked by its lush mouthfeel, stonefruit sweetness, and complex acidity. Its current iteration is made up of coffee from Ubaque, in Cundinamarca, Colombia. 

Coffee from Ubaque is grown by 32 families, who each own around 2 hectares of land. Because most families work their own farms, a strict ripeness criteria is followed when picking cherries. Once picked, coffees go through 32 hours of fermentation and are then dried on raised beds for up to 22 days, due to the cold weather experienced.

Ubaque is a perfect example of why Cundinamarcan coffees have an exciting future ahead: through milk, this coffee’s full body and caramel sweetness create an incredibly smooth cup; as a black, sweet notes of orange, grape, and subtle tropical fruits produce a complex cup.

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