February 13, 2023

Release of the KONGA Cm Natural

By Roastery MAKER
Release of the KONGA Cm Natural


Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee, and consistently tops the list of consumers’ favourite origins. Home to the world’s oldest and most diverse varieties of coffee, known largely as ‘heirloom’, Ethiopian coffees are complex, sweet, and magical. Over 15 million smallholder farmers contribute to Ethiopia’s coffee export by growing coffee on their land and selling ripe cherries to their local washing station, who then process the coffee into exportable green, and start the coffee on its journey to roasters all around the world; all to deliver you a cup of happiness! 


We at Maker are excited to bring you the Konga: an amazing coffee from Wete Webanchi washing station, located in Konga, Kochere. Primrose, the Ethiopian exporting company partnered with our importer Project Origin jointly founded this washing station, and by providing a consistent access to electricity, coffee could be processed more efficiently regardless of daylight. Additionally, its location beside a school provided a wonderful opportunity to provide ongoing support for local students and teachers, and strengthen community ties. 


At Wete Webanchi, the coffee processing technique known as ‘carbonic maceration’ is wielded to different degrees in order to coax diverse flavours from the coffee cherries, which ultimately infuse into the coffee seeds. Carbonic maceration typically involves fermenting whole coffee cherries in a dry and deoxygenated environment for a period of time at a particular temperature. This coffee experienced a long and cool fermentation in order to impart a signature profile of flavours, named ‘Amber’ by Project Origin. After this fermentation stage, the whole cherries were dried on raised beds as a ‘natural’ process, before hulling, sorting, and exporting. As such, this coffee is said to be processed as a ‘carbonic maceration natural’.


The Konga is a vibrant, aromatic, and syrupy coffee with strong strawberry tea notes, fresh lychee sweetness, and ripe golden kiwi acidity. A delightful coffee that will take you on a journey and leave you wanting more.