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  • New Colombians!

    New Colombians!

    After our exciting cupping last Wednesday night, we are delighted to announce two new Colombian coffees from Cofinet through Carlos Arcila, one of our Colombian green bean partners. In the past Carlos helped us secure our now beloved fruity El Peñol from Antioquia, which is our present iteration of The Maven. These two Colombians are now available as espresso and filter for our wholesale accounts, to try at the Maker brew bar and to brew at home through our online shop or in our space on North St, Richmond.


    The first of our two new offerings is a Fully Washed Caturra produced by Ananias Silvestre and his family from Huila, Guadalupe, well known as an ideal region for delicate and bright acidic coffee. The coffee they have produced is originally a Brazilian varietal, it's a natural mutation of the Red Bourbon yet has a higher yield and is more disease resistant. Once picked, the Silvestre family expose the cherries to anaerobic fermentation in which the coffee is submerged in water for 24 hours, and then shadow-dried for 17 days, and is only shipped when it reaches a moisture content of 11%. 

    When we received this shipment, we considered how this method of processing affected our approach to roasting. We wanted to preserve the natural acidity and complexity of this coffee, and we have found that it has resulted in a vibrant, intense and clean cup.



    A photo from Carlos of the Silvestres' farm in Guadalupe, Huila.


    The second Colombian coffee from Carlos is the Las Lunas which translates as "The Moons", and comes from the Nariño region of West Colombia which is over 1600 meters above sea level. This area is generally known for producing coffee that has higher acidity, sweeter notes and a cleaner cup. The high mountains and the lower temperatures are accredited for this as the plants are able to retain their sugars. The family of Luciano Delgado has grown this Cattura in volcanic ash soil in which coffee thrives in growth and in characteristics. This coffee was fermented underwater for 30 hours and then dried for 15 days on concrete patios and as a fully-washed processed coffee, this only assists towards the clean and complex attributes in this coffee.

    At Maker Fine Coffee, we found this coffee to result in complex tropical fruits, with a balanced citrus acidity and sought to highlight these characteristics. As we roast the Las Lunas, we have found that this washed Colombian offers us a rich milk chocolate body which contrasts with its orange sweetness.


    A photo of Luciano Delgado amongst the plants on his farm, 'Las Lunas'; provided by Cofinet.

  • Wednesday night cuppings: All welcome!

    Wednesday night cuppings: All welcome!


    We have now been holding our public cuppings on Wednesday evenings for some time now, and we are absolutely stoked with the turnout we are getting! It has evolved over the past few months from just a few people attending to a booked out in advance event. Placing a strong focus on communication in coffee at these cuppings, we like to have open discussions and encourage attendees to talk about flavour profiles, processing, and roasting style. Variety of coffee is paramount here and we are always delighted to share our upcoming coffees, current offerings, as well as putting other locally roasted coffee on the table. 

    We  will continue to welcome a diverse range of people to our cuppings, from experienced baristas, to the coffee-curious, even the budding connoisseur! All are welcome! 

    Also any one keen to have a chat and a beverage post cupping, the Mountain Goat Brewery is open for a chat and some refreshments. 

    The plan is to continue these nights of education and socialisation for the foreseeable future and if you would like to participate or find out more information on these evenings, hit us up with an email at

    We look forward to having a slurp with you soon!


    Wednesday evenings from 6pm




    Well jump down to MAKER FINE COFFEE and see what all the fuss is about.


    From what was once a record press to then a crossfit gym, we are proud to say that we have transformed this amazing warehouse into a beautiful new exciting space for everyone to enjoy.


    Over the last four months we have been busy chipping away at designing and building an interactive coffee roastery and brew bar. We are now fully equipped to share and provide you with a unique coffee experience you wont forget.


    Here at MAKER we pride ourselves in executing high quality produce, specializing in roasting seasonal single origin coffee. Our brew bar is an extension of our love for coffee where you can sit, relax and indulge with one of our finest brews, maybe even a cheeky homemade sweet or a scrumptious toastie.


    At Maker we have a little something for everyone, whether you’re just up for a quick shorty to slam or for an in-depth discussion over a filter, or perhaps some merchandise to brew at home we have it covered.


    Besides roasting and making delicious coffee we are here to acknowledge and educate the community on the variety of processes and methods used in the coffee industry.

    This will be conveyed through greater detail in our cupping sessions, which will be a casual yet informative evening held by the professional Maker crew. It’s a great way not just to learn about all areas of coffee but also to be surrounded by people that love coffee just as much as you. These event will become available in the near future for all to participate!


    We are so excited to share our passion for coffee within this industry we love so much, as what was once was a dream is now reality. To stay up to date with events or what’s new here at Maker pop in or follow us on or instagram @makerfinecoffee


    We are located at 47 North Street, North Richmond

    Opening hours are Tuesday –Friday, 7am – 3pm

    Soon to be Saturdays!

  • Introduction


    Here we are. Introducing Maker Fine Coffee, located in the backstreets of old industrial Richmond we have set ourselves up a nice little space to roast some delicious coffee. It has been a long time in the works since we have taken over the space, but we have finally reached the other side and are ready to rock.

    What is Maker?

    Maker, as we are defining it, is in relation to the Maker Movement, the DIY culture with the aid of modern technology. We are applying that definition to the art of roasting and serving coffee.  This Maker Movement is happening all around us, in many different facets of industry and business. There are plenty of young entrepreneurs out there just wanting to have a go, and making amazing new products and businesses. When we started our first venture over three years ago at Ora Cafe, it was an intense time of our life, there were so many things that we were learning on a daily basis, and of course we have made our share of mistakes. But without that "leap of faith" we would not be where we are today. That 'do it yourself' mentality with a 'make it work attitude' has lead us to where we are now, and given us the opportunity to continue with that mentality and create Maker Fine Coffee. The technology aspect of Maker is apparent ever more in the coffee world with the addition of devices such as the refractometer, and advance roast tracking software such as Cropster. We also have a few projects that we are quietly working on.


    We hope to see you around some day, as we get our roast works up and running!


    John Vroom