Timemore Chestnut C3

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Timemore has hit the nail on the head here. A cost efficient hand grinder with the performance of something you’d expect to pay significantly more for. If you're buying for a barista or someone who enjoys something a little more creative at home, this is perfect.

Say goodbye to purchasing pre ground coffee beans, something everyone looks forward to. The Timemore Chestnut is a lightweight, reliable and consistent hand grinder. Weighing in at 470g makes it the perfect addition for little trips away.

The Timemore C3 has stainless steel burrs which means it can be consistent across all grind size adjustments unlike other grinders with a similar promise. If you’re grinding for an espresso, aeropress, filter or even french press, it’s got you covered. I have one of these at home and personally I love it, it's also incredibly quick for such a small device. You can never go wrong with something like this.